What We Do

At RNZ Consulting, we believe that every organization has unlimited potential of achieving its Vision. The success however depends on Leadership, right strategy map, people and performance management, establishing processes that resonate with strategic goals, developing and nurturing win-win partnerships internally and externally, innovation, offering products with the best in class Quality, and, genuine commitment to customer service.

It is important to recognize linkages among all above and address imbalances if any. Excellent organizations make conscious effort to see how they impact each other, track and review financial, customer, people, and society results from them, and finally learning from them, triggering creativity and continuous innovation in improving approaches.

Based on above learning and foundations, we offer solutions in following three critical areas:


  • Deep analyses of Vision and Mission statement of the organization and co-creating a high impact strategy map.
  • Create Balanced Scorecard(BSC) for each function in order to deploy strategy, and identify specific operational goals and objectives. Cascade it down to each stake holder. Use learning from Excellence Model to establish linkages.


  • Help sales team's effort to optimise opportunities, and improve productivity.
  • Bring Sales, Marketing, and Communications on the same page. Actions that complement each other.
  • On the shop floor, quality and productivity improvement, cycle time reduction, inventory optimization, continuous improvement programs, cost reduction and lean six sigma implementation, through our associates.


  • Help use the BSC for Performance Measurement and Revenue and Rewards.
  • Training Need Analyses, training, coaching.
  • Talent acquisition and management.
  • Develop HR policies.

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